Scrapbook Christmas… in January DAY 9

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Day 9: Christmas Parties


Christmas parties. I used to say that I couldn’t imagine the holidays without them! The excitement, the laughter, the fun or silly gift exchanges there are so many lovely moments to celebrate.

In 2020 Christmas parties are one more thing that we will be missing out on… in the traditional celebratory way. Luckily the internet gives us access to some creative people and I’ve seen some really fun ways for connecting with our friends for virtual Christmas parties, even if they aren’t what we really want. See below for some fun virtual party ideas!

Your mission: Capture the details about a Christmas party, concert, or both!

Virtual Party Ideas:

Key Ideas:

  • Having a theme, and some kind of dress-up element can make everyone feel like they are part of the event. Whether everyone wears a Santa Hat, an ugly sweater, or actually wears something nice from their closet they haven’t had a chance to wear this year it can be fun to get dressed up together.
  • Have some pre-planned party activities, like a scavenger hunt, trivia or sharing favourite holiday memories.
  • Another great tip was to have a special party cocktail (with or without the alcohol). Everyone can make this beverage and share a toast together.
  • You can send out a special ‘stocking stuffer’ ahead of time, so everyone has something to unwrap together during the party.

A Couple of Non-Party Party Ideas.

  1. A cooking class where everyone can cook together. Be sure to send out ingredients/tools list ahead of time. Your ‘expert chef’ can teach everyone the recipe together. Imagine learning how to make Grandma’s cookies or how to mix the perfect holiday cocktail just like your uncle.
  2. A crafting class where everyone can make a holiday decoration together. Be sure everyone has what they need to participate. You can even add in a vote on who’s the best crafter… and maybe who’s not! This would be good for ornaments, or decorating a gingerbread house.


Parties. There may be different kinds of parties, so consider how these ideas can be adapted to suit these different groups:

  • Work
  • Kids
  • School
  • Family
  • Friends

Concerts. Cramming into a packed gymnasium. Not being able to properly see or hear, but glowing with pride when your child has their moment up on stage. Preparing the costumes. The practices. The songs. Concerts are a truly special part of Christmas!

Christmas concerts are a treasured part of Christmas too. The happy smiling faces, the earnestness, the pride, a concert is the perfect place to capture all of these precious moments at Christmas.

What if you don’t go to Christmas concerts?  (or it’s 2020…) Here’s a few alternate ideas to inspire you!

  • Nativity plays
  • Christmas events at your church
  • The Nutcracker
  • Community choir performances
  • Christmas carolling
  • Enjoying online concerts or drama productions.

Click here for photo and journaling ideas about capturing the magic of your Christmas Parties or Concerts.


Don’t forget your ephemera! Party favours, concert programs, these kind of extras will be a perfect addition to your page. Tuck away these little pieces so you can add it to your page in January.


Maybe parties and concerts will become two separate prompts for you. You can always substitute one of these for something else that is not a part of your Christmas experience. Don’t forget, this is all about making it work for YOU!

Now, carry on with the hustle and bustle of the Christmas season, the scrapbooking is covered!