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Alice Boll of Scrapbook Wonderland

Alice Boll

Hey there scrapper!

The classes you find on this page are designed to inspire, educate and delight.




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Scrapbook YOU!

Are you the missing person in your scrapbooks? Tell your own story with this new class, Scrapbook YOU! Click here for more details.

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Scrapbook Christmas… in January!

Christmas is a busy time of year! You are shopping, baking, going to concerts, parties, parades and so much more. How are you supposed to scrapbook it all too?!!

Don’t! Let’s scrapbook Christmas… in January! This class will show you how to do the bare minimum in December so you’ll be ready to scrapbook those memories when you actually have time. Click here for more details.

Scrapbook Christmas… in January! Make Christmas easier by knowing you'll have the important details ready to scrap in January when Christmas is over!