Scrapbook Christmas… in January DAY 5

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Day 5: Christmas Tree


O Christmas tree, O Christmas tree, how beautiful and bright!

Your mission: Capture the magic of your Christmas tree!

Here’s some ideas to get you thinking!

  • What kind of tree do you have? Faux, real? Fir, spruce, pine? Is your tree a traditional green tree or do you have a specialty colour?
  • What kinds of decorations do you have on your tree? Do you have family heirlooms on your tree? Do you have decorations made by your children? Do you have a designer tree?
  • What kind of topper do you put on your tree?
  • Who decorates the tree?
  • When do you put the tree up and when does it come down?

Click here for more photography and journaling ideas about Christmas trees.


Now that you’ve started preparing your Christmas scrapbooking kit… (you did that, right?) you may see that there’s a few items  you will require. Paper? Embellishments? Title letters? It’s a good time to order any supplies you will require in January. Your tip is shopping… how fun is that?!

Now carry on with the hustle and bustle of the Christmas season, the scrapbooking is covered!