Scrapbook Christmas… in January DAY 3

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Day 3: Santa Photos


Today we are talking about the big man in red. Yes, it’s Santa time!

How is Santa a part of your Christmas?

Visiting Santa is a big Christmas event. Do you dress up your kids? Do you involve pets? Do you visit Santa yourself?

Your mission: Get your Santa photos ready!

Not visiting Santa this year, but want a creative Santa photo option? Capture the Magic is a website that will allow you to upload a photo of your own and add Santa (or the Easter Bunny, or Tooth Fairy) into your picture! It’s not free, but it looks affordable and could be a fun way to bring a bit of magic to the season.

If a trip to see Santa isn’t on your holiday to-do list don’t worry! There are other ways you can include the big man in red! Do you have Santa decorations, dishes, or tree ornaments? Maybe you’ll see that there are many Santa’s hanging out at your house!

Click here for more ideas about SANTA PHOTOS.

What if Santa is not a part of your Christmas?

Alternate Non-Santa Ideas:

  • What do you do instead? Use that as inspiration for a different approach to a page.
  • Believing in Santa is about believing in the magic of Christmas, how is that a part of your holiday season?
  • Perhaps your focus is about your faith, do you have a nativity scene? Do you focus on your faith in other ways?


Q. What’s the difference between the Christmas alphabet and the normal alphabet?

A. The Christmas alphabet has Noel.

Back to the Christmas preparations! Let’s capture the magic so we can scrapbook it in January.