Scrapbook Christmas… in January DAY 23

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Day 23: Christmas Dinner


Turkey and stuffing and gravy, oh my! It’s time to talk about food again, this time it’s the big event, Christmas Dinner.

Your mission: Capture the delight of your Christmas Dinner.

What is your Christmas Dinner like? Consider answering these questions:

  • When do you hold your dinner?
  • Who hosts?
  • Do you have to travel?
  • What is your favourite part of the meal?
  • Do you have a fancy sit down dinner or is it a big buffet-style grab the best chair you can find kind of meal?
  • How does Christmas dinner now compare to the ones from your childhood?

Don’t miss these great ideas for journaling prompts you may want to record about your Christmas Dinner.


Did you prepare your camera yesterday? Do you have batteries and space so you’re ready for the big day? If not… today’s the day!


Now carry on with your last minute preparations for Christmas! You’ve got this scrapbooking thing covered!