Scrapbook Christmas… in January DAY 21

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Day 21: Christmas Candies


Give me a C, give me an A, give me a N, give me a D, give me a Y… now give me some CANDY!

Let’s capture the Christmas candies we love.

I’ll bet just mentioning Christmas makes you think of certain candies.

  • Candy canes?
  • Gum drops?
  • Chocolates?
  • Do you make candies at Christmas?

Your mission: Capture your favourite Christmas candies!

You can find more tips about capturing the magic of CHRISTMAS CANDIES HERE.


The stories you tell AT Christmas this year don’t all have to BE about Christmas this year. You can use Christmas photos from this year to talk about your memories of Christmas past.

Example: if you loved Grandma’s homemade candy, but you haven’t had it for years, your page can show the goodies that just don’t hold a candle to that one special treat you wish you could have.

Now go find your sweet treats and get back to the excitement and commotion of Christmas… it will be here in only 20 days!