Scrapbook Christmas… in January DAY 19

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Day 19: Outdoor Fun!


Outdoor fun is a big part of the season. Depending on where you live and the weather you have it may look very different than someone else’s outdoor activities.

Your mission: Capture the joy of some outdoor fun!

If you’re in a cold climate you might be thinking of sledding, skiing, and skating, and if you live somewhere without the snow (trust me… it’s pretty, but shovelling snow gets old fast!) perhaps you’ll be enjoying surfing Santas, holiday barbecues and a trip to the beach.

No matter whether your outdoor fun is simple walk around the neighbourhood or a full-on holiday activity it’s fun to document our outdoor adventures during the holidays.



Have you prepped your Christmas scrapbooking kit? Depending on your style of scrapping your kit will look different. Digi scrappers will have a file on their computer. Pocket card scrappers will have a stack of cards. Traditional scrappers may have a kit that looks like this:

Christmas scrapbooking kit image Now carry on with your last minute holiday preparations! Your scrapbooking will be ready for you in January.