Scrapbook Christmas… in January DAY 13

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Day 13 : Spirit of Christmas


What signifies the Spirit of Christmas to you? What special activities do you include in your Christmas? Do you volunteer, contribute to the Christmas hamper, buy a gift for the Angel Tree? What ways do you let the spirit of Christmas shine into your season of celebration? Write a note about the ways you keep the magic of Christmas alive.

  • Giving
  • Religion and connecting with your faith
  • Family
  • Christmas Magic

Your mission: Capture the Spirit of Christmas.

For some people leaving a special treat for Santa is one way to capture the magic.

Some things to consider:

  • How does your family put their own special touches on this treat?
  • Do you leave carrots for the reindeer?
  • Are the cookies a certain kind?
  • How do you know Santa has received his treat?
  • Do you serve the treat on a special plate?

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Another way to create a little Christmas Magic is through letters to Santa.

Oh, the joy of the Santa letter! It has the hopes and dreams of a child combined with the belief in all things magical and good.

If you have a young child you know how important writing a letter to Santa can be. Perhaps you’d prefer to think about the letters you wrote, or the Christmas presents you wished for as a child.

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Christmas is only 12 days away! This course is putting you on the road to success for scrapbooking those special moments that make Christmas a magical season, now carry on with your holiday preparations, your scrapbooking will be ready!