Scrapbook Christmas… in January DAY 12

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Day 12: Christmas Cards


You’ve got mail! The Christmas greetings are rolling in. Whether you make your own Christmas cards, buy them or just receive them it’s time to give them a special place in your scrapbook.

Your mission: Capture the magic of Christmas Cards!

There are several ways you may wish to highlight Christmas cards. A card can be used on your scrapbook page, or you can take a photo of all of the cards you receive. Maybe you want to focus on the Christmas letter that arrives with your cards (or the letter you send).

Click here for more details about Christmas Cards.

Have you considered creating a Christmas Card album? There are several great ways you can keep your cards together.

Here are a couple of Christmas card albums. You can add any extras you prefer like photos, Christmas letters and fun events.

Another Christmas card album.

If you’d like to create an album like this just be sure to keep all of your supplies handy in January!


Do you receive Christmas greetings by email or on social media? Print them for your scrapbook!

Hopefully by now you are all ready for Christmas! At least your scrapbooking will be ready! 😉