Scrapbook Christmas… in January DAY 11

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Day 11: Christmas Baking


Today’s prompt will have you following your nose to the kitchen for the sweet smell of Christmas baking!

What is your favourite Christmas goodie?

Do you bake?

What are the family secret recipes that you only see at Christmas?

Your mission: Capture a Christmas baking photo or jot down a story about the Christmas baking you love.

There are plenty more ideas about the photos you may wish to take, or the journaling you may wish to write about at this link about CHRISTMAS BAKING.


Have you started a notebook to keep your Christmas notes in? It doesn’t have to be fancy! A piece of paper, a pad of sticky notes, a file on your computer, all of these would work fine. The important thing is to save a few memories in the month of December. Don’t make this hard, just get it done!

Now, back to your busy Christmas season, and know that by doing the basics this month you will easily be able to scrapbook your memories next month.