Scrapbook Christmas… in January DAY 1

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Day 1: Christmas Anticipation


Let’s start at the beginning, Christmas Anticipation!

What signifies the beginning of the Christmas season to you?

What are some of the first things you do to prepare for, and anticipate, Christmas?

The first ones that come to my mind are; advent calendars, shopping and flipping the calendar to Dec 1.

Your first mission to capture Christmas is: to take a photo about the beginning of your season.

Don’t stress if that won’t happen today, just try to fit it in this week.

A fun idea I saw recently was: Take a picture of your online shopping packages sitting on your front step once they have been delivered!

Here’s a link to some great ways to capture your advent calendar for your scrapbooks: ADVENT CALENDARS

One of the keys to gathering our information this month will be organization. I’ll be sharing more tips about that in the coming days, but here’s one to get you started:


  • Create a new folder on your desktop/computer where you will put the photos you’ll need for scrapbooking Christmas.
  • You can create a Christmas album/folder on your phone too. If you do photo editing on your phone having an album for your edited images is a great idea!
  • Think about how many photos you normally include on a layout and don’t put more photos than that into the folder for each event. (okay… maybe a couple extra, but really TRY to limit yourself!)
  • If you only put one or two photos on a page… only put one or two photos, the best, most representative photos, the ones that truly capture the moment, into the folder.

Now go and enjoy the hustle and bustle of the Christmas season, knowing that you are doing exactly what you need to be ready to scrapbook it too!

REMEMBER: Your Christmas may not include EVERY event mentioned in this class. That’s okay! You’ll have events of your own to include instead.

Honestly I don’t scrapbook 25 pages about Christmas EVERY year. 😉
I scrapbook some of our best stories and they will create a beautiful representation of our Christmas season. The goal is to make this fun and easy. Now go capture the magic of Christmas!