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Visit this page for tips to get your Christmas supplies ready! Organization


Day 1-23 links for December are ready for you to explore!

Day 1 : Christmas Anticipation

Day 2 : Family Traditions

Day 3: Santa Photos

Day 4 : Christmas Lights

Day 5 : Christmas Tree

Day 6 : Decorating

Day 7 : Special Decorations

Day 8 : Christmas Parade  *2020 special download!

Day 9 : Christmas Parties *2020 alternate ideas!

Day 10 : Gingerbread Houses

Day 11 : Christmas Baking

Day 12: Christmas Cards

Day 13 : Spirit of Christmas

Day 14 : Christmas Presents

Day 15 : Gratitude

Day 16 : Christmas Books

Day 17 : Christmas Movies

Day 18 : Christmas Music

Day 19 : Outdoor Fun

Day 20 : Family Photo

Day 21 : Christmas Candies

Day 22 : Christmas Beverages (don’t miss the important tip today!)

Day 23 : Christmas Dinner

Day 24 : Christmas Eve

Day 25 : Christmas Morning


Links will not be live until the corresponding day in January… we’ll do this together!

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JAN Day 1: Scrapbooking Christmas Anticipation

JAN Day 2: Scrapbooking Family Traditions

JAN Day 3: Scrapbooking Santa Photos

JAN Day 4: Scrapbooking Christmas Lights

JAN Day 5: Scrapbooking Christmas Trees

JAN Day 6: Scrapbooking Decorating

JAN Day 7: Scrapbooking Special Decorations

JAN Day 8: Scrapbooking Christmas Parades

JAN Day 9: Scrapbooking Christmas Parties

JAN Day 10: Scrapbooking Gingerbread Houses

JAN Day 11: Scrapbooking Christmas Baking

JAN Day 12: Scrapbooking Christmas Cards

JAN Day 13: Scrapbooking the Spirit of Christmas

JAN Day 14: Scrapbooking Christmas Presents

JAN Day 15: Scrapbooking Gratitude

JAN Day 16: Scrapbooking Christmas Books

JAN Day 17: Scrapbooking Christmas Movies

JAN Day 18: Scrapbooking Christmas Music

JAN Day 19: Scrapbooking Outdoor Fun

JAN Day 20: Scrapbooking Family Photos

JAN Day 21: Scrapbooking Christmas Candies

JAN Day 22: Scrapbooking Christmas Beverages

JAN Day 23: Scrapbooking Christmas Dinner

JAN Day 24: Scrapbooking Christmas Eve

JAN Day 25: Scrapbooking Christmas Morning