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Scrapbook Christmas… in January Organization

This is an important part of this class. The goal of this class is to make scrapbooking Christmas easier and these tips will help!

1. Print the Checklist

First of all you need to print the Checklist: Download and Print.

(on a Mac: Hold the Control Key and Click the link or the photo. Select “Download Linked File”)

(on a PC: Right click and select “Save Linked File to Downloads”)

Scrapbook Christmas in January Checklist

2. Review the checklist to mark off anything you have already completed.

Right now you are only concerned with gathering the pieces you’ll need in January; photos and notes/journaling.

3. Photo Organization

Digital cameras and cell phones have made the potential for being overwhelmed by too many photos extremely likely. It’s so easy to take multiple photos of the same thing, trying to get just the right shot. How do you deal with this?

Suggestion: Think about your goal. When you scrapbook you can only use so many photos on a page. In fact, you probably create most of your layouts using a similar number of photos. (We are creatures of habit!) Use this to your advantage!

This month set up a folder for your Christmas photos that will hold  only the best photos you need. If you normally use 2 photos on a layout, try to only add 2 photos for each event to the folder.

You can even create an album on your phone for all of your holiday photos. Better yet… edit the photos you actually plan to print and add those photos to your holiday album. Then you’ll really be ready to scrapbook and you’ll have all of your photos in one handy place.

Don’t forget! You’ll need to have these photos printed so you can scrap them in January. Work with your own personality. Do you like to batch your photos and then print them? Do that. Do you prefer to print photos as you need them? Start now so you’ll be ready for January.

Your mission is to have your photos ready to use in January when we start the next phase of the class.

4. Notes and Journaling Organization

Are you taking notes about the special moments of this month? Oh, dear! Was that a wave of guilt? If you are worried that you haven’t taken enough notes here’s a tip:

Keep it Simple!

All you need is a piece of paper you jot notes on, or jot a short note on a sticky note and then put all of your sticky notes in one place.

Work better on a computer? Open a document for your Christmas notes and save them all in one place.

Always have your phone in your hand? Open a note in your phone for Christmas notes and observations. Add a quick quote you hear, or thoughts about something that made you smile or think back to past Christmas seasons. That phone is handy… use it!

You can also create a voice memo on your phone. This is a great way to capture a moment without having to type it up. Just be sure to label it so you’ll know which one to refer to when you’re ready to scrapbook. Even better… add a quick note to your checklist to remind yourself that you have a recording.

Your mission for notes and journaling is to have a few simple details that you will use on your pages next month.

(Did you notice I didn’t say you actually had to write your journaling now? You just need the details, or quotes, or little moments written down. You are too busy to try and remember this stuff, so write it down!)

5. Christmas Scrapbooking Supplies Organization

While you are preparing for Christmas you may come across a few scrapbooking supplies… hey, it happens!

Suggestion for organization: Create your own Christmas BASE KIT. Add to your kit the kind of supplies you normally use.

  • Patterned paper
  • Cardstock
  • Christmas Embellishments
  • Washi tape or ribbon

Your mission is to put together a Christmas scrapbooking kit.

You will grab ‘most’ of your supplies from this kit when you scrapbook Christmas in January. If you have a basket or an Iris 12×12 storage box put everything Christmasy into it.

Iris 12x12 storage box

These boxes are perfect for storing a 12×12 base kit that you create for yourself. You can find them at Michaels and other craft supply stores.

If you are a pocket page scrapbooker your kit will include pocket cards.

If you are a digital scrapbooker you need to make sure you can easily find the Christmas kits and files you will use.

Don’t let gathering your supplies add extra stress to your Christmas! You don’t need everything to be done NOW! Organizing supplies can easily be left until the week between Christmas and New Years.

Christmas scrapbooking kit image

6. Basic Scrapbooking Supplies

Do you have enough adhesive available for January?

Does your trimmer need a new blade?

Do you have enough paper on hand to print photos if you print at home?

Can you find your trimmer, scissors, ruler?

Do you need page protectors?

Does your computer need to be updated?


Have a suggestion for Christmas organization that isn’t shared here? Please post it in our social group!