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Welcome to Scrapbook YOU! the class that has been specially designed to help you tell your story and finally find the missing person in your scrapbooks.

Important Things You Need to Know:

Resource Page:

THIS PAGE is the resource page. It is your best buddy during this class. It contains ALL of the links and information you’ll need in this class. BOOKMARK THIS PAGE!


Daily emails will share a quick teaser of the topic of the day and serve as a reminder to check out the class page. These are perfect if you’d like to create a page a day until you complete your album. If you have any questions you can reply to any email!


Reply to any of the daily emails and I’ll get back to you as quickly as possible.  😉


My goal is to show you how to create a scrapbook all about yourself. It won’t include EVERYTHING, because that’s impossible. We will hit the highlights! If you want to include something else… do it! If you want to leave something out… that’s fine! I promise I will NOT be offended. I want you to make the prompts fit for your life, have fun and tell your story, you are the best person to do it!

Daily Links:

All of these links are ready for you NOW! You can take a peek to see everything that is coming up, or work at your own pace through the links.

Baby Years – Your Foundation Years

Day 1 – Your Arrival

Day 2 – Your Mother

Day 3 – Your Father

Day 4 – Your Family Tree

Day 5 – Your Childhood Home

Childhood Years

Day 6 – Birthdays

Day 7 – The Holidays

Day 8 – Fun and Games

Day 9 – Pets

Day 10 – Siblings/Cousins

Teenage Years

Day 11 – Friends

Day 12 – Activities

Day 13 – School

Day 14 – Goals/Dreams

Day 15 – Graduation

Early Adulthood Years

Day 16 – Car/Independence

Day 17 – Adventure

Day 18 – College/Higher Education

Day 19 – Work

Day 20 – Love

Adult Years

Day 21 – Travel

Day 22 – Hobbies

Day 23 – Your home

Day 24 – Life lessons

Day 25 – Your family


Ok, now it’s time to go and tell your story!