Scrapbook YOU! Day 9

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Scrapbook YOU! Day 9 {The Childhood Years}

Today we are creating a page about your childhood pet, or pets.

What if you didn’t have a pet? You could choose to tell the story about not having a pet, or you can scrap another childhood topic. (Tomorrow we are scrapping siblings/cousins/… so if you have other stories of childhood that you want to include, go ahead because next we’ll be moving from the childhood to the teenage years.)


Describe how your pet was special.

Who was responsible for the pet?

Who made the decision to get the pet?

Did you have farm animals, were they pets?


Do you have a photo of your pet? Lucky you if it’s a picture of you with it!

If you don’t have a photo of your pet:

  • You could use a photo of a current pet and tell the story of your childhood pet.
  • Can you find a photo of a similar animal to use instead? (In the sample layout the photos of the pigeons are cut from a current photo.)
  • Can you use a stamp or drawing, or image? (You’ll see in my sample layout that I didn’t have a picture of my fish tank so I included a stamped image of a goldfish.)


When I was trying to think of which childhood pet I would scrapbook I came across a jackpot of photos. I was so excited! Next I had to figure out which pet I wanted to share. Suddenly, I had a lightbulb moment and I designed the page to look like the vintage childhood toy, ‘The Farmer Says’. What a fun way to show the variety of pets we had when I was a child! 🙂

My Pets layout image

(Please do not PIN images from this class.)

A closer look:

My Pets layout detail


Add footprints or other animal related embellishments.

Photo of yourself… it doesn’t have to have the pet in it!

Keep it simple! Want some tips for creating a great, but simple scrapbook page? Check out this blog post: WHEN SIMPLE IS PERFECT.


Next Topic: Siblings and/or Cousins