Scrapbook YOU! Day 8

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Scrapbook YOU! Day 8 {The Childhood Years}

Today we are scrapbooking childhood fun and games. Let’s capture the fun of your childhood on your layout!


Here’s some ideas of topics you may wish to scrapbook about.

  • board games
  • outdoor games
  • toys
  • dolls
  • collections
  • TV shows
  • family games
  • games with friends
  • games you invented
  • school games
  • games you played while riding in the car

Where did you get the item or learn the game? Who did you play with?

(We will save school sports for later, so you can focus solely on your childhood games.)


Don’t have the photos to match your story? Here’s some different places to find photos that may tell your story.

  • Old Sears catalogues
  • Stock photos online
  • A photo of you as a child
  • A photo of you with a different toy
  • Use images or symbols that represent your fun.
love to play school layout image

(Please do not PIN images from this class.)

For an added element of fun on this page I used scratch ‘n sniff stickers as an embellishment.

love to play school layout detail


If you are scrapbooking fun and games you might want to get a bit creative! If you are scrapbooking Scrabble you could use Scrabble tiles for your title. For chess or checkers you might create your own chessboard (Like this example!) Think outside the box and add as much flair as you’d like!

Scrapbooking fun and games are a great time to try vibrant colour palettes like primary colours.


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