Scrapbook YOU! Day 7

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Scrapbook YOU! Day 7 {The Childhood Years}

Today we are capturing ‘The Holidays’ for your scrapbooks.

You can choose whichever kind of holiday you would like; Christmas, Easter, Thanksgiving, summer vacation, camping. You have plenty of options. Read on to help you narrow down your topic.


  • Choose one holiday to scrapbook. Try talking about the holiday over the years. What are the commonalities?
  • Create a page that talks about the similarities of ALL the holidays. Does your family eat turkey for every occasion?
  • Tell the story of the food from the holidays.
  • Are there special decorations?
  • What do you do for the holiday?
  • Who is part of this holiday?
  • Choose a special story to tell about the holiday.


Depending on which approach you decide to take your photo options are varied. You’ll notice that in the sample layout I am holding the doll that I mention but there is no photo of the doll house which is my main focus. I’ve used the doll to ‘open the door’ to the topic and then ‘walked in’ by telling the rest of story in the journaling.


Best Present Ever layout image

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Try using holiday specific embellishments. If you are creating a page about Christmas you can add stars, trees, sparkle, Christmas ornaments. Stick to a traditional colour scheme like red, green and gold or silver.

For layout design try using  a sketch or scraplifting a layout design that you like. (Feel free to use any of the layout designs from this class as inspiration… that’s what they are for!)

Tip: Don’t forget… this book is a highlight book of your life. It’s not going to include everything, and that’s okay! Whatever you choose to include will be good enough.

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