Scrapbook YOU! Day 5

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Scrapbook YOU! Day 5

For today’s layout we are talking about home, and where you grew up.

Where did you grow up? What was your childhood home like? What does home mean to you? What makes a house a home? If you moved many times during your life, you might have a different perspective of what home is. Keep an open mind, the ‘home’ you wish to scrapbook may be your grandparent’s house or another family member’s.


If you have photos of your home that’s great! Sometimes you may not even realize that you do have photos of your home. Perhaps it’s in the background of a photo? If you don’t have a good photo, don’t despair. Even a poor quality photo can help you tell your story.

Do you need photos for a scrapbook layout? No! Even if you don’t have a photo of your home you can share the memories and story. Without photos you have space for a lot of journaling or more embellishments. You can also consider a layout with a lot of white space.

What happens if you find a photo AFTER you’ve already created a page? Use the photo on a new layout to share a specific memory. This is a good way to work with what you have and to incorporate details or pieces that you may come across later.


For this layout I wanted to talk about the tiny trailer we lived in when I was little but I couldn’t find a photo of it. I drew a floor plan of the trailer, as best as I could remember it, and added photos of myself IN the trailer. Now that I’ve scrapbooked this home I want to create another layout about the house my parents built. One layout will inspire the next!


  • What was your home like?
  • What was your bedroom like?
  • Share memories of living there.
  • What was special about living there.
  • What made the house a home?
My First Home layout image

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Oops! I wrote “There is no place like home” underneath the main title in gold pen. It was very crooked! I looked at it and knew that I wasn’t going to be happy with that. Now what?

The fix. I took the gold pen and drew swirls over the whole background, hiding the words that I had written. You can’t see the problem and it adds some interesting texture to the paper.

There are no mistakes in scrapbooking, only opportunities for new creativity!

My First Home layout detail

Is the floor plan perfect? Probably not! This is how I remember it, so that works for me.


  • Was your home the street you lived on?
  • Do you have memories of the park down the street?
  • What made your town/city/community a great place to live?
  • If you don’t have a picture, can you find a historical photo of your community?


Consider the time period of the story you are sharing. If you are scrapbooking ‘home’ think about what the popular colours for decor were of the time. (My layout is cream and minty green as that was the colour of the trailer.) If you are scrapping the 70’s you might go with the ever-popular colours of the time; avocado green, harvest gold and orange.

Polaroid photos were very popular when I was young, so on my layout I preserved the feeling of the era by incorporating Polaroids onto my page. What other ways can you bring the past onto your layouts? Try: wallpaper patterns, velvet flocking (like old wallpaper), shaggy fibres (like shag carpet), brick patterns, geometric shapes, and wood grain (like wood paneling).

Tip: Quotes are a great way to add meaning and an embellishment to a layout at the same time.

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