Scrapbook YOU! Day 4

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Scrapbook YOU! Day 4

Today your mission is to create a family tree for your scrapbook.

There are many methods for creating a family tree. The tree you create can be as simple or as detailed as you like.

Here’s my story:

At first I thought I’d include several generations on my tree. I would include siblings, and children, and create a real genealogical masterpiece. I was very enthusiastic!

Then I sat back and remembered, this book is about me. I’m telling MY story. Although it was be cool to trace back generations of my family, I only really knew my parents and grandparents. Now I knew what was important to include. Besides, I can always create a more detailed tree later if I want one.

My Family Tree Scrapbook Layout image

(Please do not pin images in this class!) Names have been hidden for sharing online.


You may wish to include some of these details on your tree:

  • names and variations of names
  • birthdates
  • dates of death
  • places
  • marriages
  • occupations


Depending on how you’d like to create your tree there are some pretty cool things you can try.

Create a pedigree chart. The example above is a very simplistic version of a pedigree chart that also has photos. If you want to see many styles of family trees you can check them out on Wikipedia HERE.

If you are creating a chart-style you can play with graphic design and use black and white, or black and cream. This is also good for a very formal style of family tree.

If you want your family tree to represent the life in a family you can try adding colour, as I did in the sample layout. I also used a heart punch to create the whole tree top which brought in some symbolism of love.

My Family Tree layout in construction

I used heart-shaped punches to create the leaves of the tree.

My Family Tree layout preparation

I painted the laser die-cut.


Obviously family trees do not require photos. If you choose to add photos there are options and things to consider.

You can include individual photos of each person.

If you don’t have a photo of some people you wish to include don’t worry about it. You can either leave the photo blank or put in a placeholder – think of the mystery face you see on a Facebook profile when someone hasn’t added a profile picture.

You could use a group family photo instead. There’s no rules that say you have to use individual photos! Perhaps you attended a family gathering and have a photo of the whole family?


If you wish to learn more about tracking your family tree there are many reliable places online to find information. Two sites that I can recommend are:

If you decide to research your family history you can access many public records. Here’s a few that you may have access to, although this will vary by country.

  • Vital Statistics
  • Military Records
  • Census Records
  • Baptism Records
  • Marriage/Death Certificates
  • Newspapers and Archives


Okay! It’s your turn to create your family tree!

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