Scrapbook YOU! Day 3

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Scrapbook YOU! Day 3

Today’s topic is your father.

Yesterday we talked mothers, but today is your father’s time to shine. (Of course you can always choose to scrapbook another significant person in your life.)

TIP: Remember: A photo doesn’t have to be ‘good’ for you to use it in your scrapbooks!

Rather than just repeat the prompts and ideas from the page about mothers you can check back with THIS LINK.


What reminds you of your Dad?

What words would you, or others, use to describe him?

Lessons from Dad:

  • Morals/beliefs
  • Change the oil/tire
  • How to drive a standard transmission automobile.
Things I love about my Dad layout

(Please do NOT pin!) The hinge on this layout works, and opens to reveal the journaling.

Things I love about my Dad layout detail

Flip open the photo to reveal the journaling… all about Dad.


You can use the same types of photos of your father, but here’s a few more ideas:

  • Pictures of your Dad doing the stuff he does; building, gardening, chopping wood, etc.
  • Pictures of your Dad relaxing. What does he do to relax?
  • Up close, detailed photos of hands, eyes, or other body part.


It’s time to get masculine! “Man pages” are a great opportunity to use dark colours, stripes and plaid. Try playing with shapes and patterns like brick and camouflage .

Distressing and tearing are great techniques to use on a masculine page.

Masculine pages are also a great time to use your metal or wooden embellishments and to play with textures. You can also use denim, stars, tools, and twine to add interest to your page.


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