Scrapbook YOU! Day 24

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Scrapbook YOU! Day 24 {The Adult Years}

Today we are scrapbooking life lessons.


What lessons have you learned in life?

Do you have a personal motto?

What are your thoughts looking forward to the future?

What inspires you?

What lesson did you have to learn the hard way?


You may wish to use a photo that really inspires you or a photo of yourself doing something inspiring.

You may wish to enlarge a beautiful landscape photo.

things I've learned layout image


Try something fun on your page today! Here’s a few ideas you might want to try:

Create your own background paper.

Make your own paper flowers.

Use complementary colours, like orange and blue, or create a colour palette to use on your layout.

Create a title using two or more different fonts or title letter styles.

Symbolism about lessons:

  • chalk and chalkboards
  • books
  • apples
  • light bulbs
  • pencils
  • notebook paper


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