Scrapbook YOU! Day 20

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Scrapbook YOU! Day 20 {The Early Adult Years}

Today we are scrapbooking love.


Who do you love? Are you in a relationship? Scrapbook the person you cherish.

Not in a relationship? Scrapbook a different person you love, or scrapbook the ways you love yourself.

Write a letter to the person you love to include on your page.


Use a photo of yourself with your loved one.

Even better would be a photo of you holding hands, or in an embrace.

Use a photo of your loved one.

Use a wedding photo.

Still don’t have a photo? If you can, go take a selfie with them… right now!

always and forever layout image

(Please do not pin images from this class.)


Symbolism: Use hearts, puckered lips, and roses.

Use the colour that is often the symbol of love, red.

One of the best tips for layouts is to make the elements of a page touch, or make contact with each other. That’s why you see so many embellishment clusters and overlapping elements on a page. Try it!


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