Scrapbook YOU! Day 2

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Scrapbook YOU! Day 2

Today’s layout will be about your Mother.

Before we get started… relationships can be complicated. Families can be complicated. What and who you choose to include in your book is entirely up to you. How you choose to tell the story is also up to you. You can have as many details, or as few, as you want. If you have another important person to scrapbook you may choose to scrap them instead. Tell the story you want to tell.

A bit of foreshadowing… we’ll be doing this again tomorrow for your father… the same rules will apply!

TIP: Don’t get stressed trying to make the perfect page. This is not the only page you are allowed to create! You can always add to the story later.

Who is/was your Mom? There’s a wide range of details you may wish to include. Have a peek at these topic ideas if you’re unsure where to start.


  • likes/dislikes
  • hopes, aspirations, dreams
  • struggles
  • hobbies
  • habits
  • work
  • cooking/food (best/worst/your favourite)
  • Advice/lessons learned from your mother
  • My mom always said…
  • rules
  • It was so funny when…
  • Describe your mom’s personality.
  • If someone spent half and hour with your mom what would they learn about her? What wouldn’t they know?
  • In what ways are you like your mother? What makes you different?
  • You know you were in trouble when you heard mom say, “_______”.
  • You can share a summary of her life. Maybe you’ll create a timeline of events.
  • Mom’s childhood.

You can also use this page to share special memories or stories about your mother.

My mom scrapbook layout image

The photos flip to reveal more photos and the journaling! (Please do not PIN photos from this class.)

Obviously you will not use ALL of these ideas, just pick something that works and go with it. You can always create another layout another time.


Depending on what you have available you can use a single photo, multiple photos, or you can even create a page without a photo.

Photos you may wish to include:

  • A childhood photo of your mom
  • A photo of your mom with her parents
  • A photo of your mom with her family
  • A photo of YOU and your mom
  • A photo of your mom with your family
  • Milestone photos of your mom: graduation, wedding, birthday, anniversary


What is your mother’s favourite colour? What kind of style would be suitable for your mom; elegant, rustic, simple, floral, traditional?

What kind of embellishment would be most suited; sparkle, lace, pearl, twine, flowers, hearts, wood veneer?


My mother is a photographer and takes a lot of photos, so a page about her would not seem right without a lot of pictures on it. 🙂

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