Scrapbook YOU! Day 17

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Scrapbook YOU! Day 17 {The Early Adult Years}

Today we are seeking adventure! Let’s scrapbook your adventurous spirit.


What kind of adventures did you take in your early adult days? It might be a thrill seeking type of adventure or learning about yourself through a personal adventure.

Personal growth.

Challenging yourself.

ie) public speaking, learning a new languages, sports, talents, taking a personal development course, trying a new creative pursuit,


Do you have photos of your adventure?

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(Please do not Pin images from this class.)


If you are scrapbooking an adventure… it’s a good day to be adventurous with your scrapbooking! Challenge yourself…

What new technique can you try?

What tool has been gathering dust in your scrap space?

Try mixing a very old product and a new one on the same layout.

If you normally create a layout with a LOT of embellishments try using only paper, or do the opposite!


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