Scrapbook YOU! Day 15

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Scrapbook YOU! Day 15 {The Teen Years}

Today we are scrapbooking your graduation.

What if you did not celebrate high school graduation? You can scrapbook an accomplishment you are proud of instead or a milestone from your teen years.


Have you created a layout to commemorate your graduation? If so, you can add it directly to your album (if you don’t have it filed somewhere else special).

If you haven’t scrapped your grad, here’s some ideas of what you may wish to talk about:

  • Your graduation day. What details of the day do you remember?
  • The pride you feel.
  • Your graduation dress.
  • Graduation gifts you may have received.
  • Your graduation song.


Use your graduation photo.

Use photos of you on your graduation day.

Is there a group photo of your graduation class? If you don’t have one you may be able to connect with other graduates from your year on Facebook to get photos.

Try graduation photos from your yearbook.

If you don’t have a good photo find stock photography online of graduation caps tossed in the air.

Alice Graduation layout image

(Please do not pin images from this class.)

Up close details.

Alice Graduation layout detail image


Use your school colours.

Graduation is perfect for a formal layout.

Keep things classic with a black and white colour palette.

Symbolism: Add graduation symbols like: a cap with tassel, a graduation gown, a graduation scroll or diploma, books, and roses.

Use words like:

  • Class of
  • Graduation
  • Congratulations
  • Graduate
  • Pride
  • You Did It!
  • Accomplishment


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