Scrapbook YOU! Day 12

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Scrapbook YOU! Day 12 {The Teenage Years}

Today we are scrapbooking activities.


What activities were you involved in during your teen years?

  • Sports or Teams
  • Clubs
  • Groups
  • Volunteering

What if you were not in an organized group or activity? What did you do instead? Tell that story!


Don’t have photos of you at your activities?

Are there yearbook photos you can use?

Use a photo of yourself as a teen.


Example: When I started writing stories about my time as a cadet I discovered I had several stories to tell. Instead of picking and choosing I decided to create a page that would allow me to tell a bigger story. The journaling on the right side is in a plastic sleeve that flips open to reveal more journaling underneath.

I am a cadet layout image

Flip open the page:

I am a cadet layout image interior


Think about the symbols of the activity you are scrapbooking.

Sports are pretty straightforward, you can use sports equipment, but what about other activities?

For example if you were on the debate team you might use a podium or speech bubbles on your page.

For a humanitarian group you may use symbols like the Earth, trees and helping hands.


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