Scrapbook YOU! Day 11

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Scrapbook YOU! Day 11 {The Teenage Years}

When you are a teenager it seems like your life revolves around your friends, so that’s where we will start!

Today we will create a scrapbook page about your friends when you were a teenager.


  • Who were your friends? Who was your best friend?
  • What did you do together?
  • Are you still friends?
  • What music did you listen to? What did your mix-tape have on it?
  • Did you pass notes in school? Did you get in trouble together?
  • Share a specific story about spending time with your friends.


If you have a photo of your friend, great! If not, here’s some other ideas:

Yearbook photos… just copy and print!

What did you love? Musicians, actors, TV shows, boys, movies. Find images that represent life during the time of your friendship.

the girls layout image

(Please do not Pin images from this class.)

Up close:

the girls layout detail 2

More details:

the girls layout detail 1


Try bringing the teen culture onto your layout.

What were the cool words and saying of the time?

Passing notes, looseleaf paper, chalkboards, all of these can be design elements for your page.

Doodles… try doodling in the margin of your page.

Song titles are often good for page titles too.

What were the top trends in fashion of the time? Colours, patterns… how can you pull those into your page?


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