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Plan Your Best Year RECAP

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Catch all of the Recap Details Here:


December 2018 Recap (chatting about 2019 plans!)

November 2018 Recap

(no plan session in October)

September 2018 Recap

Summer 2018 Recap

May 2018 Recap

April 2018 Recap

March 2018 Recap

February 2018 Recap

January 2018 Recap

December 2017 Recap

November 2017 Recap

October 2017 Recap (with guest Beth Soler of Scrapping Wonders)

September 2017 Recap

August 2017 Recap

June 2017 Recap  (with guest Stacey Harrington)

May 2017 Recap

April 2017 Recap

February 2017 Recap (note there will NOT be a Plan session in March, we’ll return in April!)

January 2017 Recap

December 2016 Recap

November 2016 Recap

October 2016 Recap

September 2016 Recap

There were no Plan sessions over the summer.

May 2016 Recap

April 2016 Recap


Please note: Video’s are unavailable before April 2016. You may wish to check out the written recap’s available below. There are many resources and great ideas to help you get organized, set goals and fit more scrapbooking into your life.

February 2016 Recap

January 2016 Recap

December 2015 Recap