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Plan Your BEST Year May 2017

We met in May of 2017 to chat about bucket lists, long term planning, and strategies for accomplishing goals.

Here’s the replay of our discussion!

I host these PLAN sessions to bring an intentional plan to my scrapbooking. I want to create meaningful pages.

Bucket Lists. Do you make one? Why or why not? I like to think of a bucket list as the big dream and then long-term planning helps you take that dream and turn it into reality.

Long-term Planning. Are there steps you can take now towards a long term goal, things that will get you just a little bit closer to making that goal a reality? Creating a long range calendar might be useful to see the goal over a ‘real’ timeline.

Strategies to get more done:

Keeping Score: keep a list of what you have accomplished

Accountability: find simple ways to create accountability in your life like inviting people over so you’ll get something cleaned up, or joining the LOAD (layout a day) challenge to do more scrapping

Systems: create systems that make getting tasks done easier

Jeanette suggested looking on http://bulletjournal.com for long term year planning.

I listen to the Happier Podcast with Gretchen Rubin, and like her 4 Tendencies and how knowing more about myself allows me to work with the way I am. I’m an obliger, how about you? Take the test http://gretchenrubin.com/test

I also like Gretchen’s sister Liz’s new podcast, Happier in Hollywood.


My challenge to you this month is: Can you create a system for yourself to make something easier?




I’d love to know what helps you along your scrappy journey. Let’s make 2017 the best year ever… plan on it!