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Plan Your BEST Year June 2017

Hey planners!

We met in June to discuss overcoming obstacles. Sometimes we can make the best plans but life has a way of getting in the way.

Special guest Stacey Harrington joined us.

Stacey has been dealing with injuries in both hands for the last 16 months. This has left her incapable of using her hands. We chatted about how this affected her life and her memory keeping. She shared her plans now that she’s back on the road to recovery and tips for how she made it through the most difficult times.

Barriers to achieving goals can come in many forms and these tips can help you find ways to keep moving forward no matter what challenges may come into your life.

Stacey also shared how she was able to maintain her business, she’s a consultant for Rodan and Fields. She’d love it if you’d take a moment to see the fabulous skin care they offer. I use it and LOVE it! Here’s her website: Stacey Harrington Rodan and Fields

Don’t miss our July planning session. It will take place at the end of July. Be sure you’re on the EMAIL LIST to get the link!