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Plan Your Best Year February 2018

This session of Plan Your Best Year was recorded February 27, 2018.

We talked about:

Resiliency. I shared the story of how I’ve been trying to deal with my website crashing… in the middle of a LOAD challenge! Oh my! Yes, there were tears, but overall I made plans for the worst case scenario and I figured out ways to move forward. I’ll give myself good marks for resiliency through this challenge.

Scrapbooking. I shared about how I’ve had to adjust my thoughts on failure and success and how I have to recognize a win, even when it might not look like one on the surface.

Urgent/Important Tasks. I shared an image of the tasks we spend out time on. Some are urgent and important, some are important but not urgent, some are urgent but not important and some are not important and not urgent. When you look at your daily tasks, where do they fall? Are you spending your time where you need to be?

Goal Review. I talked about how after two months it was a good idea to review my 90 day goals and evaluate where I was. Some items are already completed and checked off of the list and some have not had enough attention spent on them. This is good to know moving forward so they can become more of a priority.

Heath & Wellness. I haven’t been doing any form of exercise or movement, so that could use a LOT of improvement, but my journey with eating differently has been very successful. I realized I’ve been at this for 3 months now! Three months of little to no added sugar, gluten and dairy (except for hard cheese). I also noted that I wasn’t doing good with getting my water so I needed to go back to using three water bottles as that seems to work for me.

We also talked about the quote:

Don’t let your good enough get in the way of your great.

Here’s a link to Leslie Zann’s site where she was first asked a question about this.

Here’s the replay:

Thanks for watching. I hope you’ll join me next month! Let’s make March the best month ever… plan on it!