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Plan Your BEST Year February 2017

We met in February of 2017 to chat about how this year was going so far and some changes I’ve made and thoughts about the obstacles to getting more crafty.

Here’s the replay of our discussion!

I host these PLAN sessions to bring an intentional plan to my scrapbooking. I want to create meaningful pages.


Update on my monthly planner:

I’ve started a bullet journal. Well, I think it’s a bullet journal! I never expected to make any kind of “pretty” planner, in my mind planners were for function, but I guess things change. 😉

What I love about what I’m doing…

  1. I’m tracking my blog posts visually which allows me to see how long it’s been since I posted. I want to share more regularly and I think this will help!
  2. I’m also tracking the layouts I’m making in 2017.  I LOVE this idea so much! I’m printing a small 1.5×1.5″ square of each layout and putting it in the journal. I love being able to see all of the layouts I’ve made at a glance and I’m so inspired to create new layouts to add to the collection!

I’m finding this layout tracker to be super inspiring! I can’t wait to add more layouts.

We also chatted about the ONE THING that was holding you back, or that if it was out of the way it would be easier to get your scrapbooking done.

I shared how, by keeping my kitchen counter clear, I’m able to focus more on my crafting. I find that even one item on the counter leads to more things piling up and then the kitchen becomes a disaster, which takes me a long time to clean up, and leaves much less time to play in my scrapbook room.


We also chatted about the “All or Nothing” attitude and how it really doesn’t seem to help.

I read a passage from the book Better Than Before by Gretchen Rubin about the One-Coin Loophole and the growing heap. Small things really do add up and make a difference.

NOTE: There will NOT be a PLAN session in March. We’ll meet again at the end of April.

I’d love to know what helps you along your scrappy journey. Let’s make 2107 the best year ever… plan on it!