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Plan Your BEST Year FEB16

Plan Your BEST Year 4

February Reset Session RECAP!


Meal planning helps to make your life easier, especially when you are busy! By cutting out the stress of the dinner time scramble you’ll have more energy for fun stuff, like scrapbooking!

Tips for Meal Planning:

  • Create a monthly calendar.
  • Plan your meals around events and activities.
  • Plan for leftovers, or meals that transform, like roast beef to stew.
  • Create a master list of the meals that you can prepare so you don’t have to struggle with planning.
  • If you like a bit of flexibility in your meal plan you can try choosing meals for a week and selecting which meal you’ll make on the day.

Cut out decision-making:

Fewer decisions makes life easier! It’s the same with all parts of life; exercise, meals, even scrapbooking!

Find ways to put the decision-making on “auto-pilot”.


Scheduling can be useful for more than just daily tasks. Try scheduling fun things too! Lunch with friends, fitness dates, time to scrapbook, even phone calls, all of these might be fun things, but by adding them to the calendar as part of your schedule you’ll do them! Don’t you have a friend you’d like to hang out with more often? Would you like to do more scrapbooking? Put it on the calendar.


Sometimes you need to let go of something so that you can have time to do the things that are important to you.

What can you take off your plate? Kids can do their own laundry, in fact, it’s a good thing for them to do it! Are you the only person that can cook supper? Do you really need to volunteer for that board or help with that activity at school?

By taking something off your to-do list you’ll create time that you can use for things you really like, and want to do, like scrapbooking!

Being busy is not a good thing. It’s not necessarily a bad thing either. It all depends on how it’s working for you. Are you stressed because you’re so busy? Do you find yourself telling others how busy you are?

Stop it!

Find a way to make your busy lifestyle work for you, or trim some of the activities.

Remember: What are you sacrificing so you can do the things that keep you busy?

Getting Real:

What do you want to accomplish?

How long will it take?

Do you have the time? Yes… GREAT! Now do it! No? You can either find more time, or change your goal. It’s up to you.


For an easy to use online calendar that you can print, try Print A Calendar.