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Plan Your Best Year December 2017

The December 2017 Plan Your Best Year session recorded live on December 29, 2017.

Today we took a look back at 2017 and I shared successes and failures this year.

  • We chatted about ways to be more successful going into 2018.
  • I shared a change I’ll be making in the way I sort my layouts into albums.
  • We talked about LOAD218 Choose Your Own Scrapbook Adventure (free for ScrapHappy members!) Use code: DELIGHT15 to save $15 by December 31.
  • We talked about scheduling time for dates; with family, friends and scrappy friends.


I also mentioned a podcast that I was featured on recently. You can listen here, or in your favourite podcast player.

Scrapbooking Inspiration Podcast with Melissa Shanhun


YouTube channel mentioned:

Messy Minimalist


Alice mentioned how she has enjoyed material from Chalene Johnson, including her new 131 Diet program.



Heather shared a link for the 365 Day Clutter challenge.

Home Storage Solutions 101


Here’s the replay:

We finished by chatting a bit about One Little Word and how it can be helpful to set an intention for the year. I’m choosing the word: COZY


I hope you’ll join me in January as we kick off 2018!

Let’s make this the best year ever, plan on it!