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LOAD 215

Hi Loadsters! Welcome to Wonderland. Scrapbook Wonderland. (Did you say that last part with a James Bond voice? Try it!) 😉

My name is Alice Boll and I am the enthusiastic leader of this adventure into the wonders of scrapbooking!

** If you’ve read this before skip down to the bright pink writing below and find today’s link! 😉

I am so excited to be a part of LOAD215! When Lain asked if I would like to share some pages I could barely say “YES!” fast enough! (It’s a good thing it was over email… I might have deafened her in person!)

On the days I’m the featured designer I’ll be sharing posts about the layouts I created. You’ll be able to access them all easily from this special page just for LOAD attendees! (There’s a list of links below.)

I hope you are as inspired by the children’s book theme as I was!

In the fall I wrote a post about ways to use children’s books to inspire your scrapbooking. It covers using the story and the pictures. Find it here:  Scrapbook Design Inspiration: Children’s Books

How to Use Children's Books to Inspire Your Scrapbook Pages

Links to the posts:

(These links will NOT be LIVE until the right day!)

Feb 1

Feb 11

Feb 14

Feb 20

Feb 24

Feb 27

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Thanks for visiting, I hope you’ll be back!


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