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Guilt-Free Scrapbooking: Part 4

Are you ready to discover simple changes to become a guilt-free scrapbooker?

If you are just popping in here now, start with Part 1.  It is essential to go through the steps so you can scrapbook without guilt.

Re-examine your expectations.

Now we’ll consider how much time you actually have to scrapbook and some alternatives to help you achieve success with that list!

When you think of scrapbooking, what do you think of? I’m going to guess that the image that comes to mind is sitting down with your photos, some pretty paper, a trimmer, some scissors and a bunch of embellishments. (Or going through digi files if you’re a digi scrapper!)

Here’s an important tip: That’s only ONE part of scrapbooking!

Did you consider:

  • taking photos
  • uploading photos
  • printing photos
  • purchasing scrappy supplies
  • jotting down notes that you use for journaling, on your calendar, in a notebook, on your phone
  • reading scrapbook magazines and blogs for inspiration
  • getting ideas from Pinterest
  • thinking about a scrapbook page while you do other activities

All of these are PART of scrapbooking!  I’ll bet you’ve probably heard your kids say something or do something and thought, “that has to go in my scrapbook!”  Guess what? At that moment you are making the first step towards your scrapbook page!  You just DECIDED what to scrapbook or you have the quote you need for your journaling.

Knowing that all of these steps are part of scrapbooking will allow you to consciously think about creating your scrapbook projects. When you are looking at scrapbook magazines, flag pages with ideas you plan to use.  When you purchase supplies, think about which items will go together on your page. When you print photos, think about how you might design your page and how many photos you’ll need.  NOW when you are able to spend time in your scrapbook room you’ll be ready to roll, ideas already formulated, with products and photos chosen!

Now that you think about it, I’ll bet you scrapbook more than you realized. Giving yourself credit for the scrapbooking steps you are already doing is the first step to feeling better about your scrapbooking.

Find More Time.

There’s never enough time in a day, and since we can’t make more time, we have to find ways to create time in our day for the activities we love. Here’s a couple of simple ways to make more time for scrapbooking:

  • Involve your family in the scrapbooking process. Kids can help add journaling and remind you to take photos.
  • Keep scrapbooking supplies handy. Carry a notebook in your purse. Download a scrapbooking app on your phone. Write a quick note on the calendar.
  • Establish a scrapbooking routine. Scrapbook first thing in the morning, or after you put the kids to bed at night.

Read the blog post: 10 Easy Ways to Fit More Scrapbooking into Your Busy Life  

In Part 5 we get down to SPECIFIC ways to challenge the way you scrapbook and turn you into a guilt-free scrapbooker!




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  • Debbie 7 February, 2013, 11:33 pm

    lots of great provoking thoughts on how much does go in to scrapbooking BEFORE you ever sit down with your paper and glue and photos 🙂 I keep a running list on my iPhone of projects I want to scrap, and any notes I want to remember of what people say or places, etc I also take photos of things I see that inspire me (from stores, magazines, life around me, etc.) I find when I am having a mental block or only a short time to scrap my prompts are readily available to inspire me.

  • Alice. 8 February, 2013, 12:32 am

    I love the idea of keeping a note on your phone… I know I always have mine with me! I also take photos of things that inspire me, and ideas that I want to use… now I just need to remember to use them!