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Guilt-Free Scrapbooking: Part 1

When you think of your scrapbooks do you feel guilty? Do you feel that you never get enough done?

Let’s change how you LOOK at scrapbooking today! Let’s get rid of your guilt!

Over the next 5 posts we are going to examine the way we look at scrapbooking. We will find ways to take the guilt OUT of scrapbooking, so you can have FUN scrapbooking meaningful memories.  Let’s get started!

Define your purpose.

Why do you scrapbook? What is your purpose for scrapbooking? Here’s a few of my reasons to get you thinking:

  • to document my life
  • to remember the little things
  • to share my perspective
  • to have an artistic outlet
  • to spend time with my family without being with my family
  • to preserve my photos in a meaningful but creative way

I’m sure you have your own reasons why you scrapbook. Pull out a sheet of paper and write down the reasons you scrapbook. This may be a long list, or it could be short. You are welcome to use some or all of my ideas to get you started! (Don’t lose this paper! We will need to refer back to this paper over the next 5 posts.)

Knowing why you scrapbook is the first step in guilt-free scrapbooking.  Click here for Part 2!


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  • Beth 5 February, 2013, 12:08 pm

    Alice I have to say I love your reason that says to spend time with my family without actually being with my family. What a great way to put it. One of my reasons is for a creative outlet as well. I also scrap so my kids will remember all the little things about them when they were younger.

    • Alice. 5 February, 2013, 12:23 pm

      Thanks Beth! I consider scrapbooking a way to enjoy my family more. It lets me relive the special moments. I WISH I had told more stories from when my boys were younger in my scrapbooks. I just wasn’t there yet. I focused more on the art, and the pretty than on the story. That’s why I now know how important the journaling is! A scrapbook without journaling is simply a pretty photo album.

  • Debbie 7 February, 2013, 11:17 pm

    Alice – this is a perfect serious for those who have strayed from their main purpose for scrapping. Bringing it back to basics and focusing on the WHY they scrapbook is perfect to re-energize someone to keep going on preserving their family’s memories.

    • Alice. 8 February, 2013, 12:26 am

      When I feel that my scrapbooking isn’t ‘good enough’ I always go back to my why. I love the artistic side, but I scrapbook to share my memories. Thanks for the comment Debbie!