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10 Tips to Scrapbook More

10 tips to scrapbook MOREWant to be a faster scrapbooker and get more done? Me too! 😉

Here’s my top 10 tried and tested tips that I’ve used to make my scrapbooking faster and more productive.

10 Tips to Scrapbook More

1.Define your process. How do you create? Where do you start? When you know your scrapbooking process it is easier to use that as a jumping off point for future pages.

2. Chunk it. Break your process into chunks. What small tasks make up your scrapbooking? Editing photos, printing photos, finding sketches or designing, writing journaling, creating kits; all of these can be done in small chunks of time.

3. Define what slows you down. What’s the hold up? What slows you down? Where do you get stuck? When you identify the parts of creating a layout that slow you down you can address those parts and find ways to speed things up.

4. Use sketches. If the overall design of the page slows you down you can use a sketch to help speed things up. That way you’ll know that the finished product will look good and you can focus on finding a photo to go with your story.

5. Scraplift yourself. Most of the time you think about scraplifting you think about copying pages designed by someone else. Let’s turn that around with a different style of scraplifting, scraplift yourself. Pull out 5-10 of your favourite layouts.

6. Limit supplies. It seems strange that limiting supplies can help you do more, but it does, and here’s how it works. When you have fewer supplies you have fewer choices to make. You can get right to the basics and create your pages. Using a kit is an easy way to limit your supplies and everything is already designed to match and work well together.

7. Be organized. This one can be a real struggle! The great thing about being organized is that even small steps towards better organization can be felt immediately. When you know where everything is you won’t need to spend time rummaging around trying to find the perfect embellishment, or the pen you need.

8. Let go of perfection. There truly is no such thing as the perfect scrapbook page. There are many possible options when you create a layout. When you stop trying for perfection and focus on what will work it can help you get more done. Chose a photo that is good enough. Find papers that will work. Select embellishments that will suffice.

9. Remember why. Why do you scrapbook? What is your purpose? Whether you enjoy the process, love to be artistic, or you want to tell your stories, or a combination of all three, when you connect with your reason for scrapbooking you’ll be more motivated to get pages done.

10. Do MORE scrapbooking! The thing that worked to get me on the path to more scrapbooking was the LOAD challenge. The Layout a Day challenge will inspire you to scrapbook every day for a month! (Yes, it IS possible.) Here’s why more scrapbooking works: You get better as you do more. You learn about what works. You become more efficient. You learn to get it done. You focus on the stories. Scrapbooking more actually helps you to scrapbook more! It sounds funny but it works. (If you want to learn more about LOAD click here.)


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What are your tips to scrapbook more? Share your ideas in the comments!


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  • Ali 16 January, 2016, 10:54 am

    Great tips, Alice, as always. I like to find the magical pic and do my journaling first, then move on to the actual physical scrapping… ie pulling my CS and pp as a next step.
    I have a Word folder for journaling called “Pending 2015-2016 LOs” and that’s where I stash stories in files once I have them written down and typed in. Then, after I have done the page, I change the “Pending” in the file title to ‘Done.’ This system works pretty well. just wish I had a magic wand with which to create OODLES more scrap-time! LOL

    • Alice. 16 January, 2016, 11:25 am

      That sounds like a great system Ali! More scrap time is always the key! At least these tips help you get stuff done when you do finally find some time. 😉

  • Carole 17 January, 2016, 8:21 pm

    This is the best scrapbook on line I have found. I’m an experienced scrapper for 15 or so years. My biggest problem is having acquired to much “stuff”. I try to keep out only what I can use for my project but even that is way too much. I still manage to accomplish what I want most of the time but sometimes it takes longer. Thank you for your wonderful sight.

    • Alice. 17 January, 2016, 9:36 pm

      I’m seriously blushing now! I think that dealing with too many supplies is a huge issue for scrappers. Maybe that should be the next thing I take on!

  • SDAnders 19 February, 2016, 1:11 pm

    I’m about to start a Disney scrapbook. I’ve been scrapping for YEARS! At some crops I get 4-5 pages done, some I get 2. Oh well! What helps is to do a power layout, putting pix on background paper and into the layout box. Then at the crop, all I have to do is attach, embellish, and journal! Your idea of a rough sketch is awesome. To start the Disney book, I’m sorting thru the pix and putting post-it notes on the layouts to remind me of my ideas for the page. Then at the All-Day crop in 2 weeks, I should be able to get a boat-load done! With some of the pix, I had an idea layout in my head as I took the photo! I kept a journal on vacation to help me remember the ideas and “journaling” info.

    • Alice. 20 February, 2016, 12:15 am

      A little bit of preparation and pre-scrapping can really help get things done at a crop! Good luck with your Disney book. Disney photos are always so much fun to scrap!

      If you’re heading to another crop you can take a peek at my What to Pack to a Crop post. I was famous for forgetting my trimmer! Yikes!