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Scrapbooking Christmas: 25 Ways to Capture the Magic: Day 20 the Family Photo

Day 20: the Family Photo

Do you send out a family photo with your Christmas cards/emails? Maybe you like to gather the family and do a fun photo shoot. My husband’s family is great at lining everyone up for a group photo every time we are together for the holidays. There are many ways you might include your family photo in your scrapbook.

Photo Ideas:

  • The photo included in your Christmas cards
  • The family in front of your Christmas tree
  • Other ‘creative’ Christmas photo ideas (wearing Santa hats or reindeer antlers, wearing pj’s, the opportunities are limitless!)
  • Take a group photo on Christmas day
  • Include a family photo from your childhood
  • Recreate an old family photo… use the same people, and a similar setting… there is lots of ideas online for this. FUN!

Journaling Ideas:

  • Describe the “story” of taking the photo, did anything funny happen? Who hates having their photo taken?
  • How did you choose your photo “theme”
  • Do you send the photo in your Christmas cards?
  • Create a quick bio of each family member (name, age, wish list item, favourite Christmas cookie, etc.)
  • Include a Christmas poem or quote
  • If you have a family photo from your childhood you can compare it to a recent photo or share a nostalgic story
  • If you have recreated an old family photo, share both photos together on a page and talk about the similarities and differences.

I hope you will be inspired to capture the magic of your family photo on your scrapbook pages! What is the coolest idea you’ve seen for a creative family photo? Share your ideas in the comments!

Join us tomorrow for Day 21: Christmas Cards

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  • Libby Wiers 23 December, 2014, 5:36 pm

    This year our son and his family came to St. Maarten with us for Thanksgiving. I took photos of them in several locations – including an infinity pool – wearing silly Christmas hats. They made a collage for their Christmas cards.

    • Alice. 24 December, 2014, 8:23 am

      That sounds like fun Libby!