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Scrapbooking Christmas: 25 Ways to Capture the Magic: Day 19 Santa Letters

Day 19: Santa Letters

This one really makes me smile! Letters to Santa are such a heartwarming part of Christmas. (Don’t you want to write a wish list, mail it off, and hope that it will come true too?) As a bonus, in Canada if you write a letter to Santa he will write back to you!

Over the years my boys have written some interesting letters. One year my youngest son wanted a monster that he had INVENTED!  A couple of years ago my older son emailed me his Santa letter, and it included links to the items he wanted!

I always make a copy of the letter (hey I AM a scrapbooker) and then the boys can mail them. Here’s a few ideas for including Santa letters in your scrapbook.

Photo Ideas:

  • A copy of the letter
  • A photo of your child writing the letter
  • Mailing the letter

Journaling Ideas:

  • This one is EASY!  The letter does most of the work for you!
  • Your thoughts on the letter.
  • A translation of your child’s ‘unique’ handwriting/printing 🙂
  • Memories of writing to Santa from your childhood.

I hope you will capture the magic of Santa letters on your Christmas scrapbook pages this year!

What is the craziest thing your child has asked Santa for? Leave your response in the comments below!

Join us tomorrow for Day 20: the Family Photo

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