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Scrapbooking Christmas: 25 Ways to Capture the Magic: Day 7 Family Traditions

Day 7: Family Traditions

Every family has some kind of tradition that makes Christmas special. As a child my family always opened ALL of our presents on Christmas Eve. Santa would “magically” arrive while my brothers and I were getting into our new Christmas pyjamas.

Photo Ideas:  The photos will depend on your tradition, but here’s a couple of fun ideas:

  • Look for an interesting way to capture the story in your photos.
  • Try a photo journal… tell the story with step by step photos.
  • You may want to scrapbook a couple of traditions.

Journaling Ideas:

  • Do you still continue the tradition?
  • Why is this so special to you?
  • Describe the memories and feeling that make your tradition so special.

Don’t miss the opportunity to share your family traditions in your scrapbook this Christmas!

Share your family’s Christmas tradition in the comments.

Join us tomorrow for Day 8: Christmas Parade

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  • Marion Claybrook 7 December, 2012, 10:34 pm

    There is nothing more heart warming than watching the excitement in a childs face opening a gift at Christmas. Kind of magical I guess.

  • Alice. 7 December, 2012, 10:37 pm

    I agree. That will definitely be included in this “Capturing the Magic” series! Thanks for your comment!