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Scrapbooking Christmas: 25 Ways to Capture the Magic: Day 9 Christmas Parties & Concerts

Day 9: Christmas Parties & Concerts

Christmas parties and concerts are a big part of the Christmas season. Christmas parties are a great chance to pull out your pretty clothes and get “nice” photos with your loved ones. Christmas concerts offer a similar opportunity… when the kids are dressed up out comes the camera!

One of my favorite concerts was when my oldest son was in kindergarten. He got up on stage and yawned for a full 20 minutes. At the time I was somewhat mortified, but looking back it was definitely a concert to remember!

There are plenty of opportunities to capture the magic of the Christmas party or concert in your scrapbook. Here’s some ideas to get you started:

Photo Ideas:

  • The performers
  • Make sure you get an ‘up-close’ photo if your child is singing
  • At a dinner take a photo from the end of the buffet table, showing all of the food!
  • Special decorations that help to set the scene
  • Your child with their friends after the concert, or at the party
  • You!  All dressed up for the event, with your family or friends.

Journaling Ideas:

  • Were you (or your kids) excited about the event?
  • What was your (or their) favorite part?
  • Did anything funny happen?
  • Did it remind you of another time/event… share that story too!

Don’t forget to include the program or other memorabilia from the event! Which do you love more, Christmas parties or concerts? I’d love to hear your best story in the comments!

Join us tomorrow for Day 10: Christmas Lights

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