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Scrapbooking Christmas: 25 Ways to Capture the Magic: Day 4 Christmas Baking

Christmas CookiesDay 4: Christmas Baking

Mmmm… Christmas baking.  Just thinking about the delicious treats of Christmas makes my mouth water.  Even if you are not someone who bakes a lot, I’ll bet you make some kind of special treat for the holidays.  (If not, you can still scrapbook your favourite treats… and you could always cheat and ‘fake’ some baking photos 😉

Photo ideas:

  • Cookies baking in the oven. (Just open the door and take a quick snap!)
  • The cookies lined up on the counter.
  • One of the kids sneaking a cookie.  (This happens at your house too, right?)
  • Photos of your kids licking the spoon, or ‘helping’ in some other way.
  • Decorating the cookies.

Journaling ideas:

  • What are your favourite Christmas treats? Your kids’ favourites?
  • Which treats do you miss from your childhood? Who made them? What made them so special?
  • Include your recipe on the page.
  • List the items you ‘have to’ bake every year.

What is THE treat you can’t imagine not having at Christmas?  Is it a secret family recipe?  Share your favourites in the comments!

Join us tomorrow for Day 5: Christmas Candies


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  • Tracy C 23 December, 2012, 3:50 pm

    Hey Alice,
    My favourite Christmas treat, that isn’t Christmas unless we have it, well a few things really are:
    -mincemeat tarts – made with homemade mincemeat
    -gingerbread house that my grandma bakes
    -making chocolates with Eric (of course sampling during the making is a necessity!)

    • Alice. 23 December, 2012, 3:53 pm

      Mmmmm…. I know what you mean… there’s a few thing that just “mean” Christmas! Thanks for sharing!