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Inspired by Controversy

It’s been everywhere on the internet these past few days. People complaining about the Starbucks holiday cup.

The offending cup!

Oh no! It’s… red.

I think the whole thing is completely ridiculous, but that didn’t stop me from getting creative with it.

It’s a cup, people! You’re just going to drink out of it and then throw it away!

I decided that I would use the controversy as a jumping off point for a layout about the coffee I drink and my favourite cup!

This is a great way to add some current events, controversy, scandals or social media memes to your layouts, without actually discussing the actual event. (You can do that too of course!)

I used the cup design as a jumping off point for my layout, red background paper and a photo in a green circle.

my cup layout

Journaling reads: What’s in my cup? It’s always a dark roast coffee with 2 milk. Lately I like Caffe Verona DARK from Starbucks. No matter the coffee it’s always in my Princess House cup!

I used white thickers for the title and a white gel pen (the only one I’ve ever found that actually works, the Signo Uni-ball) to add the journaling around the circle and some white detail lines around the edges.

This would have been a great way to play with the gold/white vs. blue/black dress that tormented social media this past February. (Why didn’t I think of this then? P.S. I still say it was gold/white.) 😉

Are you ready to use the next social media controversy for your scrapbook layouts? I’d love to hear your take on other controversies or memes and how you could use them to inspire your scrapbooking!

Let your creativity shine!


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  • Ali 14 November, 2015, 8:30 am

    Signo Uni-ball **IS** the only white gel pen that works! I usually stock up on them once a year (in summer- so they don’t freeze getting here! LOL)
    That’s a super LO– and what a lovely photo of you, too. Another great post! 🙂

    • Alice. 16 November, 2015, 10:25 pm

      That’s a good idea to stock up in summer! Nothing more frustrating than having one that dries up, not having a spare and knowing that it is going to be impossible to restock! Thank you for your super-kind words.