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Flashback: Too Cool

Some things never change. As long as there will be teenagers there will be teenagers not listening to their mothers and not dressing properly for the weather.

I saw proof of this recently when my boys were walking outside during -26C weather… one with his coat wide open, the other dressed in only a hoodie. (-26C is -15F). My husband, of course, was dressed as though we live near the arctic, it is Canada, so he has a point!

Capturing this moment in time is a great topic for a scrapbook page. It captures a “here and now” moment, a “teenage life” moment, and includes a bit of history all at the same time!

too cool flashback layout image

This reminded me of my own youth. I received trouble from my mom, more than once, for leaving the house without proper winter clothing! I was “too cool” to wear warm clothes. Literally! 😉

too cool flashback layout detail image


It was -26C when I snapped this photo. I had to capture the varying levels of winter gear. Ryan – winter coat not zipped, Jonas – prepared for the arctic, Joe – in a hoodie. FLASHBACK! It made me think of my teenage years – I spent some time being too cool too.

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What kinds of things have you seen your kids do that remind you of your childhood? Share your stories in the comments!


Let your creativity shine!




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  • Jeanette Collins 25 January, 2016, 12:35 pm

    I love this layout. Down here in Texas it can get quite cold because of the humidity factor. It never stopped my son from wearing his shorts and flip flops in a wintery mix of ice and hail. When we lived in Corpus Christi, TX near the Gulf of Mexico, we had a miracle Christmas Eve snowfall of 14 inches. There were kids posing in their bathing suits and boogie boards under the palm trees! Quite a site! Plastic bags were put over their shoes…mittens and snowshoes cannot be bought in South Texas! Ha!

    • Alice. 27 January, 2016, 11:21 am

      That’ would have been quite the sight Jeanette! 14 inches is a lot of snow and Christmas is such an amazing time to receive it… as long as it doesn’t cause too much destruction. Thanks for sharing your story, makes me think of Christmas movies with the snow arriving just in time for Christmas.