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I just heard about this crazy online event for scrapbookers. And I’m in!!!


If you are a fan of the Calvin and Hobbes comics by Bill Watterson you may be familiar with Calvin’s competitive game of Calvinball. It’s a random sport-type game with no rules, points for self-designated goals and the flexibility to change the game as you play.

A couple of creative gals over at Get it Scrapped brought the chaos and excitement of Calvinball to scrapbooking!


Click HERE to go to the Calvinball board on the Get it Scrapped forum. You’ll find links to the rules and much, much more. (Plus if you are not already a member you can sign up… it’s free.)

Check out the Calvinball rules.

Here’s some of the rules I saw at the time of this writing, but these may or may not still be there now, and I can pretty much guarantee there’s MANY more.

1. game runs from March 1st till midnight on March 31st.

2. one layout (or half of a 2 page spread), one project life page = one point

3. one mini-album page (covers count as pages), one card, one tag = 1/2 point each

4. projects = 1/2 – 2 points, depending on size/difficulty

5. art journal pages = 1/2 – 1 point depending on size/difficulty

6. decorated daily planner pages = 1/2 point

7. photobook pages = 1/2 – 1 point

8. non-paper craft projects = 1 point (project must take an hour or longer to create)

There’s also points for publicity, team building and then there’s bonus points too. You can earn bonus points for fun things like:

Using 3+ photos on a page

Using Christmas product on a non-Christmas page

Using old unopened product (bought prior to 2015)

Scrapping a photo the same day you take it

Scrapping with product the same day you buy it (I’m pretty sure this is a licence to shop!!)

There’s also points for getting those tasks done that you just don’t want to do like:

Scanning old photos = 1 point (awarded weekly)

Purging supplies = 1 point (awarded weekly)

Printing photos or digital pages = 1 point (awarded weekly)

And then there’s some one time only points:

Newbie get 2 points, Returning players get 1

Listening to the Digital HQ Calvinball Podcast gets you a point

Binge watching an entire TV series during the month of March gets you a point

Wondering about all of the points? What do you win?

You award your own points based on the rules and there’s NO prizes, other than the prize of having fun and getting scrapbook pages done! (It’s a free game, what do you expect?) Lol! 😉


Are you still not sure if this is the fun event for you? Listen to the Scrapbooking Inspiration podcast on Digital Scrapbooking HQ about the origin of Calvinball. (P.S. if you do decide to play… this will give you 1 point!)

Okay, I’m going to get a bit geeky on you…

Want to read some interesting facts about Calvin and Hobbes? Click this link to go to a Wikipedia page about the cartoon. Don’t miss the sections about Merchandising and Calvinball of course! But to really get into the geekiness of it all read the section about Syndication and Formatting… sounds like Bill Watterson was a true rebel… much like Calvin. 🙂  LINK HERE.

Games are always more fun when you get more people involved so this is my official invitation for you to come play and bring a friend! If you you’re looking for me on the message boards, (I just signed up today) my name is Alice. (Yes, I was super excited that I could be Alice… not Alice1 or Alice7 or something else that wasn’t as awesome as just getting to be Alice.)

Let’s play ball… Calvinball.


Alice Digital Signature 2013

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  • Melissa Shanhun 13 March, 2015, 9:37 pm

    Oh how cool that you are joining us!! 🙂 I LOVE Calvinball!

  • Kimberly Payne 5 January, 2017, 10:01 pm

    I was wondering if Calvinball is going 2 occur in 2017? Could u please let me know how to sign up? TY