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CHA2017 Graphic 45

Joanna Hardy from Graphic 45 shows off their new collections; Midnight Masquerade, Nature Sketchbook, Vintage Hollywood and Portrait of a Lady at CHA2017 Creativation.

They take their vintage designs off the paper and onto altered clocks, frames, stars and so much more.

Purple is a colour that is often a little absent in the world of scrapbooking collections. If you’ve been looking for purple paper Graphic 45 has you covered with the Midnight Masquerade collection.

Video interview with Joanna of Graphic 45 at CHA2017 Creativation. #creativation #CHA2017 #graphic45 #midnightmasquerade #naturesketchbook #vintagehollywood #portaitofalady #aliceboll #vintage #crafting #papercraft #retro

Looking for more from Graphic 45? Check out their website: Graphic 45


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  • Noeau 27 January, 2017, 1:08 pm

    Thanks so much for going to the booths not always featured on other you tubers. Good to see what is out there!

    • Alice. 27 January, 2017, 1:38 pm

      Awe, thank you! I tried to bring a good mix of the really popular booths that everyone was dying to see, to booths that are more unique or unknown so that everyone could really get a feel for the wide range of creative options available! I still have more videos in the editing process, so check back for those soon!