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What to Do When Your Life is Too Boring to Scrapbook Part 3/4

What to do when your life is too BORING to scrapbook. I love these ideas for things I can scrapbook about my life! #scrapbook #scrapbooking #dailylifeIn this 4 part series we’ve been looking at what to do when you feel that your life is too boring to scrapbook. The first thing we decided is that it’s NOT! There are so many things you can scrapbook about your life.

For part 3 we are looking at how Top 10 Lists are a great addition to your scrapbooks.  (You can start at PART 1 here.)

Top 10 Lists

Another great topic for your scrapbook layouts is Top 10 Lists. Here are a few ideas to get you started on list-making.

Things that make me laugh


  • books
  • childhood books
  • tv shows
  • foods
  • desserts
  • beverages
  • flowers
  • places to go
  • quotes
  • things to do in spare time
  • places to go
  • holidays I’ve been on

Pet peeves

Gifts I’ve received/given

Top 10 photos from this year

Things that make me happy

Go. See. Do. At Home!

The other thing to consider is that perhaps you could use a bit more spice in your life. Each part of this series will focus on something you can do in your own hometown so you feel more connected to your community and bring a bit of variety into your scrapbooking. We’ll focus primarily on things you can do without going too far or spending too much money.

Special Events

Many communities make a big effort to celebrate seasonal holidays with special events. This can include things like Thanksgiving parades or light up nights.

Consider how your community celebrates national events like Independence Day, Canada Day, or Australia Day. Often there are decorations, parades and events designed to bring community members together. Get in the spirit and join the festivities!

Other special events that can be a lot of fun:

  • Comedy
  • Dance
  • Family and Community events
  • Film
  • Food and Wine
  • Lectures
  • Literary Events
  • Markets
  • Museums and Galleries
  • Music
  • Recreation/Sports
  • Religion
  • Theatre


Don’t miss the final part of this series Part 4 : Family Stories.


Happy scrapping!