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What to Do When Your Life is Too Boring to Scrapbook Part 1/4

What to do when your life is too BORING to scrapbook. I love these ideas for things I can scrapbook about my life! #scrapbook #scrapbooking #dailylifeIt’s a common problem.

You see other people scrapping their fabulous adventures and busy lives that take them to exciting places on a daily basis.

Then you look at your life and think, “I don’t do anything exciting. My life is just not that interesting. What can I scrapbook?”

Maybe you work at home. Maybe you go to work, come home, eat, sleep and start all over again. Maybe you don’t travel. Maybe you don’t have a family, or your family is not close. Maybe it feels like there’s nothing special going on in your life.

What can you scrapbook?

First thing to do is to realize that your life is NOT too boring to scrapbook!

There are TONS of things that you can scrapbook about your life. You don’t have to have children, a life full of travel, or exciting daily adventures to have something important to share in your scrapbooks.

In part 1 we are focusing on telling your childhood stories.

Childhood Stories

You don’t have to have a plethora of photos from your childhood to tell great stories. Use the photos you do have on several pages to tell different stories. One great way to make that photo feel fresh is to print it in different sizes or in different styles like black and white, sepia, faded or over-saturated.

You can search online for photos of objects/places/styles from your childhood and use the reference photos on your layouts.

You can create a layout without a photo.

You can use a photo from today and talk about how it reminds you of something from your childhood.

Not every photo needs to be an exact replica of our topic. Use photos from your daily life to tell stories about your thoughts/feelings.

  • Stories from school
  • School friends
  • Places I lived
  • Jobs I had
  • Fashion
  • Pets
  • Siblings
  • Cousins
  • Dreams/Wishes
  • Birthdays
  • Toys
  • Now/Then layouts that show what you loved then vs. now
Thumb sucker scrapbook layout by Alice Boll #thumbsucker #blankie #scrapbook #layout #12x12 #pink #doily

Go. See. Do. At Home!

The other thing to consider is that perhaps you could use a bit more spice in your life. Each part of this series will focus on something you can do in your own hometown so you feel more connected to your community and bring a bit of variety into your scrapbooking. We’ll focus primarily on things you can do without going too far or spending too much money.

In Your Neighbourhood.

Have you really discovered your neighbourhood? Take a stroll down your street. What are the common sights and sounds? How does your neighbourhood change through the seasons? Are there people out in the street or in their yards? What photo opportunities lie just outside your own front door?

You may wish to check out the Turquoise Table. Kristin Schell placed a turquoise picnic table in her FRONT yard and used it to connect with her neighbours. They now call themselves Front Yard People. She discusses this on the Simple Show Podcast Episode 94 with Simple Show host Tsh Oxenreider. You can listen to this on the podcast HERE, (skip to 30:42 to go straight to the interview about the turquoise table).

Want more ideas on getting to know your neighbours?

  • Smile and say hello to people you pass, stop and introduce yourself. Ask them what brought them to the neighbourhood and recommendations for things they enjoy close by.
  • Spend more time outdoors, this is where you’ll meet people.
  • Borrow some sugar. It doesn’t have to be sugar, but by borrowing something you’ll have a reason for a quick introduction. Keep it small and offer to return the favour!
  • Drop off freshly baked goods.
  • Welcome new neighbours to the neighbourhood.


In Part 2 of this series we are looking at: Daily Life


Happy scrapping!