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Introducing Scrapbook Improv!

Are you a fast scrapper? Would you like to see how to be a faster scrapbooker? Introducing Scrapbook Improv!

I’ll be scrapbooking LIVE this Sunday, September 18th at 5pm Pacific/8pm Eastern.

Best part? It’s interactive! Have a great idea for the page in progress? Share your tips, live, in the moment!

You never know what to expect with Scrapbook Improv. There’s always a bit of unpredictability, laughter and fun!

A little Scrapbook Improv history:

Scrapbook Improv was dreamed up in the creative mind of Lain Ehmann. Lain hosted Scrapbook Improv once a month and would scrapbook 3 layouts in 1.5 hours. Seriously, 3! It was all shared live, and she would use her handy dandy spinner to add an extra bit of unpredictability to the whole thing, as well as a bit of audience participation.

When I took over the ScrapHappy scrapbooking membership group from Lain she said I was welcome to take over Scrapbook Improv as well… wish me luck!

Join the fun!

Want to play along with me for Scrapbook Improv? Sign up for the Scrapbook Wonderland email list, it’s the blue and pink box or click HERE. You’ll receive helpful scrapbooking tips and inspiration a few times each month as well as the link to join me for Scrapbook Improv!

See you on Sunday!